Being a multipod

Hello guys!

I’m totally swamped with things going on – in just four days I’ll be leaving England after spending a year and half as an au-pair and the whole process of going is just overwhelming. It’s not just packing, it’s been three crazy weeks of trying to catch up with everything we never had time for, trips, restaurants we’ve been advised to go to, places we wanted to see, things we wanted to try or buy (yeah, we had a „lovely“ all day trip to bloody Bristol to get my boyfriend’s new iPhone after he was too late to book it in advance from much closer Brighton and they got sold out, bah) but also tell everybody in time that we are leaving, thank everybody, finish all the jobs that need to be done, teach a new housekeeper, find a new au-pair couple and just by the way, chase the big bat that just got into your room out of the window again! (You just have to love the countryside, this would never happen to me in Prague)

BUT! I still want to carve this little bit of time to write a special post for Emilie from Puttylike because as much as I want to go to bed, I’d be really sorry to miss this unique opportunity that only happens every… err… like never before?

It’s Puttyfest!

And I only have today to write this which sucks. I was planning to put so much in it but there’s so much stuff to do and so little time! Ha, quite a multipotentialite’s motto…

So if you’re asking what is a Puttyfest, it is an event to celebrate and promote multipotentiality, and that is being multifocused on many different things, many hobbies, many interests – some of which might stay with you through your whole life but many of which will just come and go no matter what you do. It’s ok, though, it’s who we are.

In what way has being a multipod enriched my life? I think my life was predestined to be much tougher than other’s people’s lives are, in a way. Not that I had any tough childhood and shit happening around me, I believe I was a happy child and I have the most amaizing memories. But as I started to grow up, world got incredibly difficult to me as I had no idea what do I actually want to do with my life and everybody and everything around me were forcing me to say. To pick, to name the one thing and get entirely focused on it. What school will you study? Everybody knew, some of my schoolmates even from the first grade of high school! I had no idea even in the last one and it made me feel extremely outside, lonely, weird.

Everything got even more complicated because of my crazy puberty. I think searching for yourself is hard enough for anyone but imagine that you have like ten different callings and none is strong enough for you to say „I will be a writer“. I knew I was going to be a blogger, I liked reading and writing very much, I was a poet and the one with top grades in literature and writing, but to study it? That didn’t feel right and neither any of my other hobbies and inner callings.

So getting older and older was getting tougher and tougher. Everybody knew. All of my schoolmates went to universities and even if they weren’t quite sure what they want to do, studying just to prolong the student life and postpone the moment when they have to choose made sense to them – but it totally didn’t to me. And that’s were I for the first time followed an opportunity and went to England with one of my schoomates.

I had no idea what it’s gonna cause but since then so much has changed in my life and I’ve been through so many different jobs, relationships, hobbies, situations, even so many different me’s that I can’t even remember. And the crisis was always so big because when you change so much and you can’t be stable about almost anything, how should your friends and family label you? How should they approach you? How should they trust you are confident and you know what you do? I never had any clue and I think it was just written on my face.

In a way, when I found out who I was – and that there is an actual name for it, I was shocked. I felt so empowered and embraced, I suddenly felt completely at ease, for maybe the first time in my life after 20 something years. I knew I wasn’t alone. I knew it was alright. And even if I became envy about people who just have one calling and therefore have it simple (but I know they don’t! Their lives are not much easier just because they know what they want to do, I realize that and I know many people like that and they don’t have it easy… but still, at least they know. Uncertainty is completely mindeating), I began to learn what good things it actually means to be a multipod and how to profit of it.

Emilie and her Puttylike tought me how to become unique by being a multipod. I stopped looking at my CV with that feeling of shame inside, for not being able to stick to anything. I began to look at myself as an eternal searcher and explorer. I realized I’m gifted by being curious to find out how things work and how different jobs work. I want to try everything to get the idea and to step in other people’s shoes and their perspective. I realized how much is that giving to me only after I tried few really horrible jobs and I still can’t get over how bad they were and that there are still people who do them every day and every night, for years and years, and they never complain or quit and they don’t even think about doing anything else! How amaizing these people are. How lucky for being able to be happy with that. Or how sad it is that they think this is normal and they don’t even attempt to seek any way out…?

So many of these people are living in their satisfied bubble. They aren’t quite happy, if you ask them, but they never strive to do better, get more from life and that’s what I want – I want more. I want to see more countries, meet more people, take more pictures and get better in anything that I ever was doing, anything that was my interest or that I never even thought of. Any chance I get, I want to learn a new skill – if it seems as the right one at the moment. I don’t do it by a schedule, I don’t force myself to it, I just follow the opportunities and let it happen. And it brought me back to England after seven years and it made me absolutely happy. Finally I knew who I was and where I am going and I gave myself permission to feel free to change it anytime I feel like it. Now I know I’ve lost my limits, my boundaries, and I can go anywhere in the world if I’m open enough and brave to overcome the fear.

I’m not very talented about many things! Which is why I don’t consider myself a proper multipotentialite. They are rennaisance people, they build businesses and I have talent for none of that. I can’t even get myself to finish the bloody ebook about minimalism that I’ve being trying to write for the last year. It’s tough and slow and everybody else ran me off ages ago. The amaizing community of Puttypeeps, Puttytribe, has changed so many lifes since I joined it and I haven’t really been able to let it change mine. But even that is ok. I found out that there’s no rush. My life is just now about something else. It has other priorities and that’s fine. They will change, I know that and I am very open to it. Everything will change so many more times, so will I but one thing will probably be for sure from now on – I will never have to be afraid of being alone and weird anymore. I can be proud about being a multipod and no matter what I pursue in the future, I even know I don’t have to finish it completely. It’s not a failure to not write to book in the end, since maybe, finishing it wasn’t what you needed. Maybe there was something else to learn from the process? You never know. But I like the idea that we, multipods, don’t have hobbies to create a career from it or kill time with it. It’s to explore the world, to learn new things and get to new places.

No matter where will I go next and what will my next field of exploring be, I know I will love it and I will learn so much from it. I know there will be hard times and nasty realisations, but I will still enjoy it. That’s what being a multipod is to me, at least for now.

Thank you so much, Emilie, for spreading the word and showing me and my fellow peeps the way through this world, multipod style.