What to do on Tresco and other Isles of Scilly

I consider myself quite lucky for being able to spend 9 months on the british Isles of Scilly, specifically Tresco, that so many are just dreaming about. Sure, I saw it from a very different perspective than they ever will – it was a worktime for me. I spent those 9 months as a cottage cleaner, worked a lot and quickly and it was quite stressful sometimes, so it was hard to find time and strength for everything that there is to explore.

But I still got my chances and experienced some really nice days or just afternoons there, which made me think about the best ways how to truly experience Scilly.

Now, I will be actually talking about Tresco most of the time, because that’s where I’ve been anchored, but some of the points will be referring to other islands, too.

I’m hoping this article could be of help as a nice little summarization from someone who actually lived there, and a place where to start. But at the same time it’s for me and all the other hard-working people who had been there or still are. When you stay on an island as small as Tresco for so long and it is your workplace as well, it can make you feel caged a bit, which is all the more reason for remembering to see the beauty of your surroundings and the benefits of the location.

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BRIGHTON GUIDE: 30 things to do, see, eat or shop at (+ where to stay and park)

There is no question what my favorite city in England is. Brighton is the city of life, spark, soul, music and atmosphere and if me and my boyfriend lived any bit closer, we’d probably spend every weekend there. We keep dreaming of living there one day, even ‚though the cost of it is quite high, because we always have stuff do to there, we keep coming back and we just know that even after so many times we still don’t know half of it.

But I thought I could put down at least the bit that we know of, it’s still a lot of great shops and places and if you are looking for some tips or wondering if the city is worth the visit, well here you go and I hope this helps.

Have you been to Brighton? Can you think of other great spots to see and other tips? Please comment bellow, we’d love to know it all! 🙂 

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4 Years Of Travelling, 10 General Advices

I’ve travelled for actually more than four years now, but the last four were the busiest. I flew planes many times, took coaches many times, sailed by boats and generally, even though I don’t quite fit into the mainstream perception of a travel bloger (as in constantly posting tons of „How-to“ posts with awesome advices and even more awesome photos), I kinda am one.

And I know there are tons of posts like this from all other fellow travellers, and I know that the best posts are the ones with more specific advices, but today I felt more like these general advices needed to be put on paper by me, too. There could probably be even more of them but I wanted to keep it short and readable.

I did post some more specific posts on this matter before but I think only in czech so plan to re-do them and translate. I am constantly learning and improving my flight routine, for example, so I feel like there is an article yet waiting to be posted on that topic. Maybe coming soon, who knows. Let me know your thoughts in comments.

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To James Bowen and The Streetcat named Bob

img_0271Some books touch you deeper than the others. Some cats, too.

I think the first time I saw this book was in 2013 or 14. The former was the year I finally came to England for a second time and to browse all kinds of shops for all kinds of beautiful things would be amongst my first things to do.

I remember it being on the shelve with new stuff but also I think it was already a bestseller which is why I am not sure about the exact year – I think it became a bestseller quite right away so it might have been quite shortly after the release that I came across of it but who knows.

Anyway, I felt that this is a book that I would enjoy. Well, obviously, there was a cat on the cover and it was supposed to be about this cat and a dude who was found by him and they saved each other. But there was something more, the cat’s look I think, experienced, intelligent, mysterious. It wasn’t like usual cat pictures which are mostly just cute. It was intriguing.

I didn’t buy it at that time, ‚though. I generally don’t buy books anymore as I strive to be a minimalist. I only own a few paper books from my childhood, Harry Potter series and Lord of the rings 😀 So to buy something new that I could probably seek out in a library, if I wait a while, seemed pointless. I somehow felt that it was going to find me again anyway.

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Zookeeper’s girl

I never though how much I would give
to spend all my life with you
I never though that I needed to say
but I’m feeling like all over new

We have made our own world on the top of the cloud
top of our conjoined dreams
inside it’s warm and cozy and ours
and better than sometimes it seems

We need to keep distance to stay really true
to remain each other’s self
but only together we can build the best things
and to live we need each other’s help

We’re bound to be two and function and love
as a true couple only can
I know we can make it through whatever crime
‚cause I am your lady and you my man


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How To Hike The Stampede Trail To The Magic Bus 142 (For Dummies)

It’s 2016, I just spent three months in Alaska and let alone everything else that happened, the dates 5th to 8th of May 2016 shall be forever remembered as my four-day odyssey through this crazy adventure that my boyfriend Mirek came up with – hiking the Stampede Trail in Denali before we fly back to Czech Republic, and visiting the Magic Bus 142 where Chris McCandless (aka Alexander Supertramp) was found dead in 1992.

It was Mirek’s dream, not mine, but I could understand why it appealed to him so much, and I also knew it might be our only chance to do it because we might never get back to Alaska. That itself wasn’t a good reason for me to do it, but I soon realized that no matter what, he was not going to let the idea go, he was going to fight for it and make it happen, so when we fought over it and he gave me the choice not to go and to stay in a hotel, I knew that wasn’t really an option. I wouldn’t let him go alone because him walking the trail alone was even crazier idea than the two of us doing it together. So it was going to happen. We were going.


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Why Phoenix?

I wrote this post in Czech originally, but after a while I thought this was something quite important so I should bother to translate it properly since Google translate wasn’t really doing it.

Wherever you came here from, you probably noticed my on-line name which is Em Phoenix and I feel like there should be an explanation to it so that you know what it means to me. In case you care, of course. So there you go.

Em is pretty obvious. It used to be „M.“ but then I felt that I want to stress out how I pronounce it. So it changed but it’s not meant to mean Em as Ema, I’m still M., as for the first letter of my actual name but meaning also a lot of other things. I’m into minimalism (you can read why here) and I saw a picture once that said „Minimal is m.“ and I thought that was just fantastic idea. It rang a bell in me and for a while I had that as my blog description and logo. Me being „m.“ made all sense (I actually originally used it in small letter, too.) But moving onto the phoenix!

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Re: Some Thoughts on Suicide by Tim Ferris

I wrote about this couple of times in the past but Tim just reminded me with his amaizing and powerful post that some topics are worth being repetitive on.

I, too, have a history of feeling suicidal. I wanted to say „sadly“ or something like that but actually am not much ashamed of it, I couldn’t prevent it and it’s not a thing to blame yourself about. It’s just something that happens to you and if you are lucky, you realize in time the things Tim realized, that I realized and surely many other people, who survived their suicidal thoughts, realized too.

And he’s completely right, it doesn’t matter what brings you to the situation – you are never alone, you are never the first or the last person to get to the situation, and there is few places to turn to, to ask for help or at least an opinion of another person, whether it’s friends, family, or preferably complete stranger on a phone or in a coffee shop. The world will always send you clues if you just open your eyes and heart and accept its help.

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Hello there, again

I know! It’s been ages since I posted in English and I apologize to whoever from abroad follows me. (If you still follow me after those months of non-english writing, by the way, thumbs up for you, you are amaizing.)

I was really trying to get back to it, partially because few people gave me a feedback that I should, but life somehow got focused mainly on work and there is little time to blog, and even less to experience something worth blogging about. Life can become a bit redundant even if you travel – well, maybe it’s just if you travel for work. 

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Being a multipod

Hello guys!

I’m totally swamped with things going on – in just four days I’ll be leaving England after spending a year and half as an au-pair and the whole process of going is just overwhelming. It’s not just packing, it’s been three crazy weeks of trying to catch up with everything we never had time for, trips, restaurants we’ve been advised to go to, places we wanted to see, things we wanted to try or buy (yeah, we had a „lovely“ all day trip to bloody Bristol to get my boyfriend’s new iPhone after he was too late to book it in advance from much closer Brighton and they got sold out, bah) but also tell everybody in time that we are leaving, thank everybody, finish all the jobs that need to be done, teach a new housekeeper, find a new au-pair couple and just by the way, chase the big bat that just got into your room out of the window again! (You just have to love the countryside, this would never happen to me in Prague)

BUT! I still want to carve this little bit of time to write a special post for Emilie from Puttylike because as much as I want to go to bed, I’d be really sorry to miss this unique opportunity that only happens every… err… like never before?

It’s Puttyfest!

And I only have today to write this which sucks. I was planning to put so much in it but there’s so much stuff to do and so little time! Ha, quite a multipotentialite’s motto…

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