Why am I a minimalist

I love simplicity. I’ve had stressful years before, times when I’ve reached the bottom and then found out it was not the bottom yet, there are even much deeper, darker places. It all happened to me, I’ve been disappointed again and again, life’s meaning was fading more and more away and one day I just couldn’t see any light again, any hope. Everything was too complicated for me to deal with so I’ve blanked, I couldn’t cope with problems anymore, couldn’t get out of my apartmenet, couldn’t think of the stuff I need to deal with or about future. It scared me shitless.

I love how minimalism makes everything really simple. It starts with the simple realization that I already have enough, like litterally enough of everything. I don’t need more, I just need to have the right things, the right relationships, and everything that’s broken and not functional, I don’t need to spend my energy on it. I don’t owe it to anyone. As egoistic as it sounds, I am the first thing I should be thinking of and when I find myself in a situation when I’m all broken and insecure, fuck everything, I just need to fix myself.

Forgive me the language but this is actually exactly how it started for me – I’ve read so much of inspiring stuff but nothing has ever helped me as much as this brilliant book and that brilliant idea. At that point I first allowed myself to embrace the thought of „I don’t need this shit“ and everything started to fall together at last.

I don’t need to spend my energy on unfunctional things, relationships or habits. I can allow myself to let go of everything that doesn’t make me happy, everything that’s even slightly a baggage to me. I have the perfect right to set myself free from those things, give them away, sell them if possible, pass them onto someone who will find them beautiful and useful, and I don’t need to be friends with everybody. I don’t have to keep all of my clothes for all my life, gosh, I can donate them to someone who will fit into them!

You can laugh but I’ve been brought up to the world where nothing gets thrown away, to believe that what I buy stays with me forever until it falls apart. I never knew I have the right to give it up before that, maybe just because it doesn’t fit me anymore? Because I stopped liking it? These are so legitimate reasons, people, stop beating yourself about gaining five kilos, stop trying to force yourself into those old jeans. Unless you got really fat, just buy new, bigger jeans. Size doesn’t matter, it just needs to fit you because nothing is more pathetic and sad than a chubby girl in size 8 which makes her butt fall out and show everything, while she could be perfectly hot in nice, fitting size 10 or 12.

Life doesn’t have to be complicated. And we don’t need to punish ourselves for changing our mind. 

When there’s too much of anything, I get overwhelmed and I start panicking, even if it’s a good thing. I’m happy when I know where exactly everything is and what exactly do I own. When there are just few tasks on my to do list and I can easily go through them one by one. When there’s just few things in the fridge and I can see through it. When there’s just few bits of clothes in my wardrobe and they match well and it’s easy to pick my outfit for the day. When everything fits exactly who I am now and what I do now.

Minimalism saves my nerves, saves space (I’ve always loved small houses), saves money, saves time, saves energy, saves nature and resources, you name it. There’s so many reasons to be a minimalist.

I just think my biggest reason is the simplicity and how it helps me to identify the distractions and to get rid of them, so that I can clearly see what is actually important to me at the moment. It brings me back to me and when I have time to spend it on what I love and with people I love, it’s the ultimate recipe for happiness, really, that’s what it is.

I’m not a minimalist as in owning just one pair of jeans and a single bag of stuff, I’m waay too far from there yet but I love to downsize and to think about every single item that I own and if it’s necessary. My life is in a way still the same but it really isn’t. It became a string of minimalist moments that I collect in time, that happen more and more often and that always make a small or even bigger change, one that matters. It’s changing me and how I look at world bit by bit. It helps me to be always sure about my priorities, to follow my callings and become more and more present.

Yes, it definitely makes me happy.