Hello there, again

I know! It’s been ages since I posted in English and I apologize to whoever from abroad follows me. (If you still follow me after those months of non-english writing, by the way, thumbs up for you, you are amaizing.)

I was really trying to get back to it, partially because few people gave me a feedback that I should, but life somehow got focused mainly on work and there is little time to blog, and even less to experience something worth blogging about. Life can become a bit redundant even if you travel – well, maybe it’s just if you travel for work. Yes, I moved again. Originally, me and my boyfriend though we’ll go to Scotland this year but then life happened and we ended up on the Isles of Scilly, Cornwall. So back in England but I don’t regret it. To be fair, there is something about these islands that makes them worth visiting and hopefully we won’t think like we shouldn’t have done it. We will have nice memories, I believe, and some good amount of money saved because in here it’s all about work and yeah, nowhere to go to spend the money! 😀

This time it was a bit harder to leave Czech Republic, surprisingly. I’m saying surprisingly, because one would think that over time we got used to it. But of course, people closest to you are getting older, more ill, more fragile… and it’s getting more and more difficult to say bye and think, maybe this is the last time… but uhh, more positive thinking! Because it’s actualy just a mind trick. You never know what will happen with anybody, no matter the age. And it’s not like I have a real choice – my country will never give me an option to live happily and peacefully there, and I just want to be far away from all its politics and bullshit. Do you know how often in England you hear complaints about government, new stupid laws that will make people suffer even more, new byrocratic sillyness that will be voted for soon, new scandals? Like – never. Seriously. I couldn’t be more happy here, and the money I make here, I wouldn’t be able to make it back there. And I love the language and the landscapes. And the nature of english people – the very positive attitude, friendliness of complete strangers, I just love it. When I’m back at home, this is always the biggest and heaviest brick-slam in your face. Because nobody is that happy and friendly there, and noone will show you any true care, especially no employees of shops, restaurants etc., let alone big supermarkets.

But anyway, I felt like it would be appropriate to post at least an update on where I am, what’s happening and so. I frankly don’t have that much to say about the job itself or the living here – just maybe that we are pretty happy here. It’s a tough job but it has pluses and we are together, which is the most important thing. To give each other support to get through anything, it makes this life possible for us. And amaizing.