Why I’m going bilingual

This is something I should have done ages ago. Ever since I started to read and comment bloggers from abroad, I’ve been forced to face the fact that no matter how super smart and glorious my comments were, it wasn’t going to bring me any new readers, unless they fancy reading my czech writing proccesed by a Google Translator – which they really don’t. I mean – my friend from England tried it once and he said he had quite fun trying to understand it and laughing at the bullshit it gave him but that’s not quite what I’d like to give to my occasional readers from abroad.

So I’ve been thinking a lot about starting a billingual weblog because I feel like I owe it to all the amaizing people who end up here clicking on that „Web“ link above my comments. But I have to say it’s one of the biggest dilemas I ever had to face. It brings up so many questions: should I just write every post in two languages? (who has time to do that with the crazy lenght of my posts? O.o I actually spend hours on them just in one language, sometimes, can you imagine rewriting it all into english on top of that?) Should there be two websites on my domain, one fully written in english (including all the categories, sings and stuff)? ‚Cause what’s the point of writing the content in english when you are not able to browse my site since you don’t understand the labels? What if I want to write some things only in english because in my language they don’t sound as right? What happens with my czech readers then? Will they still want to follow me or will they get pissed? The problem is, not everyone here understands english and maybe they don’t really want to follow a blog that’s not consistent in language. I probably wouldn’t.

All these questions have been haunting me for ages and everytime I wrote an english post, I deleted it in the end because it didn’t feel right, I thought it shouldn’t be here. But then what happened:

One of the amaizing sites that I follow and try to comment as much as I can is Miss Minimalist, who obviously had to become one of my top favorites since I started to search for minimalist weblogs and stuff. You can’t miss her with such name and good thing is, she writes really well, she’s inspiring and she has this really cool feature on her site called Real Life Minimalists – which you obviously know of if you came here via my recently posted profile there 😉

If you didn’t come through that and never heard of it, RLM is simply a feature where Francine – the Miss Minimalist’s author – posts a short profile of any real life minimalist who shows up and sends it to her, to inspire other readers, to share their experience with how minimalism changed their life and spread a bit of minimalist wisdom. And since the beginning I’ve been picturing my own profile hanging out there, with my own story, and I actually wrote it down few times, only to chuck it later, thinking ‚na, this is so lame, I don’t really have anything to say and who am I to get involved’.

But few weeks ago I got angry with myself, it hit me that maybe this feature isn’t going to be there forever and I’m an idiot if I’m throwing this chance to share my thoughts with the english speaking world away without even trying it. I mean – where else could I post like that? Where else would people care? And in this feature, I’ve been blown away by the amount of comments added to the previous posts. There’s so many people there and they are so into that!

So I wrote the profile, managed to fit it within the word limit (man, I’ve become such a graphomaniac over the years!) and sent it to her and – wow – she not just said she’ll be glad to publish it, she also thinks people will like it and that stuff and I was really falling of my chair how much that pleased me. Francine Jay telling me that I write beautifuly? Holly molly! (I hope she doesn’t mind me spreading it) I NEED to start doing something with my writing.

So consider this a sort of intro which I actually wrote on Francine’s advice, and I shall make sure that from now on there will be at least a couple of posts in english so that anyone can read something hopefully inspiring here. This is not an awesome blog about minimalism really. It’s just my diary where anything can happen as I try to follow my passions and do stuff that I want to do instead of feeling crapy and complaining all the time. Bitch, bitch, whine, whine? Nah, not interested anymore. This is a happy blog 🙂 In general it’s about searching your happiness through minimalism and maybe a bit of meditation, through reading a lot of inspiring stuff, through exploring your passions and focusing on anything fun and meaningful, it’s mainly about being an au-pair in England now, it’s quite about not knowing what to do with your life next but believing that everything will work out somehow, it’s about a lot of snuggling with cats and other „small things“ that I do to keep myself sane and happy on the way to bigger things if there are any, you know, the usual weblogging stuff.

What am I intending to do with this new english category? Not sure yet. All I know is that I want to be able to give you at least a bit of an insight into my life, thoughts and minimalist experience maybe, so that you won’t need to regret paying me a visit.

Something more specific shall pop up later 🙂