‚English, please…?‘ introduction

Hello, there!

My name is Em and this is my weblog about my travels, about what it takes and what it gives, about ideas what to do next with life and about searching your true callings, all interlaced with my love for minimalism, my thoughts on meditation and how it helped me to sort out my life. It also includes my passion for photography (very amateur but still I love to do it), some of my own poetry and my aspiration to become a better blogger and a better human being every day. Occasionally I also write drabbles or posts for my followers from the czech blogging Authors‘ Club.

I follow several great minimalist bloggers like Leo Babauta, Joshua Becker, Francine Jay or Nina Yau so you might hear me talk about them and their inspirational writing quite often.

This blog is generaly led in czech language so my apologies for the lack of english stuff (and for mistakes as well), but I’m trying to change that right now as I spend more and more time on connecting with bloggers and awesome authors from abroad and I simply wished everyone from all the countries could check out at least some of my writing here without the need to use Google Translate and then laugh about the absurd outcome it provides. (Seriously, you can try it, it’s hilarious)

So welcome and if you wish to learn a bit more about who I am, what I do and what excites me, go ahead and see my brand new English please…? category. It’s here just for you and I’ll make sure to do my best filling it with fresh good content regurarly 😉

In the meantime, you can also check out my Twitter (99% english) and see my photographic attempts on deviantart (completely english). And leave me some comments if you like.